Dr. Munish Sharma is the best Lal Kitab Astrologer in India, based at Zirakpur (Punjab) near Chandigarh. He hold expertise in providing the consultancy for Lal Kitab remedies.


Lal Kitab is appositely termed as The Wonder Book of Astrology as it is incorporated with major astrological principles and the remedial measures. It was originally published in Urdu. The Lal Kitab exquisitely explains the science of Palmistry wherein the 42 divisions of the human brain have been related to the various houses of a person’s birth chart in a scientific way such that the sketch of the human brain is accurately reflected in the palm lines. Based upon the lines of the palm the actual horoscope of an individual can be drawn and also one can place the planets in different houses.

An individual’s birth date and the birth ascendant can be found by reading his/her lines and the mounts of the palm i.e. an accurate birth chart can be drawn simply by seeing the palm lines. In the same way by going through the various aspects of an individual’s residential house his/her birth chart can be drawn accurately, depending upon the sutras that have been explained in Lal Kitab.

Additionally, Lal Kitab provides unique remedial measures to solve critical and chronic human problems in one’s everyday life. These measures do not rely upon the practice of yagnas, ordeals, havans or other expensive and complex rituals that crates a more troublesome situation for the individuals who are already troubled due to the ill effects of certain planets. The remedies mentioned in Lal Kitab are quite different from the Mantras, Yantras and Tantras that creates an adverse effect in case not followed rigorously with all the minute details. The remedies provided in Lal Kitab are entirely self-defensive against all the evils caused by the planets without harming anyone concerned in any way i.e the measures suggested effectively solve all types of human tensions and troubles without affecting anybody.

The first part of this disquisition comprises of the Sutras and Principles in order to interpret the horoscope called Vyakaran. The birth chart of a person is prepared like the traditional Parashar principles, the only difference being that the for predictive astrology Rashis are not taken into consideration and thus the digits that indicate the Rashis in the traditional birth chart are revoked. Further, the ascendant is treated as the first house for the predictive purposes and is taken as the house of first Rashi i.e. Aries and progressively counts in a sequence till the 12th house being that of the Pisces.

About the Study of Red Book (Lal Kitab)

Dr. Munish Gaur studied Red Book (Lal Kitab) by his uncle Vinay Gaur. He has a great experience of 18 years in this profession and providing solutions in different situations through LAL KITAB. He is one of the best Lal Kitab experts in INDIA who are popular for their unique approach in Lal Kitab Astrology. Paying maximum attention to the individual’s requirement as per their charts and with the growing years of expertise, Dr.Munish Sharma is highly qualified professionals and have served them with the best remedies to develop rational theories and bring positive changes in Life.

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