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AQUARIS (Horoscope 2021 - Annual Forecast)


Key word : Truthfulness, just curious, affectionate

Rashi Sign : The cosmic man

Rashi Element : Air

Rashi Lord : Saturn

Saturn will be placed in conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn rashi in your 12th house (house of expenditure) in the beginning of year. Jupiter will be retrograde and progressive for short periods during the year 2021. It will enter Aquarius rashi too this year. Saturn too will remain in Capricorn sign for the whole year. Rahu and Ketu will remain in your fourth house and tenth house in Taurus and Scorpio sign respectively for the whole year. You will get chance to go abroad for job, business, leisure and higher education. Your expenses will also rise. Money and wealth will keep coming. Your opponents and enemies will be active but they will be unable to harm you. You could also get involved in religious and spiritual activities. This year the sadhe sati (period of Seven and half years) of Saturn will continue in your sign. You will face problems in your business, work and domestic life. But you will face the challenges gallantly.

The time period from January to March is overall very fruitful. Those decisions taken after thoughtful consideration would give long lasting benefits. You will be facing contradictory situations at your workplace. You will be in a position where your superiors and colleagues would aid you. You could also be provided with big jump in your job or even some promotion. You would also get work orders from abroad. You will also think about settling abroad in your new job. Consequently additional work load would make you feel jittery. But it will turn out to be advantageous for you later on. There are possibilities of even increased flow of finances. Those desirous of giving any exams/competitions interview etc. for permanent job would get success in their pursuits. You can also face some health problems. You can face ups and downs in your health. You need to keep a check on your anger and temper, because many things get spoiled due to anger. There are possibilities of some differences of opinion among family members. Yet, your family members/friends and life partner will be with you in all difficult situations.

April to September would be spent in wonderful spirit and atmosphere. Jupiter will enter Aquarius rasi on 6th April 2021 and will be placed in your lagna. It will remain here for next few months. The ruler of Aquarius is Saturn and those born under this sign are self sufficient and proud and are not discouraged under any circumstances. This quality of yours is going to be your biggest plus point. You will work hard in your business and will work with lot of patience. You will also get success with your hard work and determination. But you need to take care at each step in your business. You will be able to establish your identity and authority in work/business because of your pleasant manner and speech. You will make good progress in your job, business and profession. You will share good bonding with your bosses. You will also make efforts to remove the obstacles in family relations. Students will get admission in courses/institutes of their choice. You could also enter into new romantic ties leading to wedlock. There are yogas/indications for auspicious functions taking place in your family.

September, October and November will bring positive results for you. Jupiter will again re-enter Capricorn rashi on 14th September 2021 and will remain here till 21st November in your 12th house with Saturn. It is a promising period from career perspective. Those who are looking for new jobs would be lucky in that direction. Even in present job or business you will see favorable circumstances building and there would be scope for large scale expansion too. It is possible that some project or planning could be executed. There are indications of domestic trips as well as going abroad due to work related issues. Students will make plans to study abroad in higher courses. Your bosses and peers will keep supporting you.

November and December would be especially productive. Jupiter will again travel to Aquarius rashi on 21st November and will remain here till the end of year in your lagna. For those who are looking for suitable match they will get success. New love relations also look possible. Even those who are thinking in terms of new jobs or changing their present job and those who are interested in starting some new business then this time period could provide worthwhile results.


Family life and relations perspective this year will provide you with some happy and joyful moments. There will be bliss and joy in family ties. Family members will enjoy harmonious relations. They will be emotionally very close to each other. There are chances of some marriage function taking place. And arrival of a new born baby in the family. Those who are of eligible age for marriage also stand a good chance to find a suitable match. New love relations are indicated. You will also go for some adventurous, fun-filled, sightseeing trips with your family.


It is a very fruitful year from financial/economic point of view. There would be expected increase and growth on financial front. Additional sources of income too could be tapped. You would also perform exceptionally well professionally as a result of which there would be manifold increase in regular sources of income. If there are opportunities/possibilities to get some benefit from land, property or for that matter connected to wealth even those could come true this year.


It is a very promising year from professional perspective. You will get many opportunities to make progress in your career. If you are able to make proper use of these opportunities then without doubt you will reap favorable benefits. You can get new job/employment. It is a good time to settle abroad. You would also get some promotion or transfer to some other place related to job.


It is going to be a wonderful year from health point of view. Be vigilant about your diet, regular medical check-ups, exercise, walking etc. Take proper care of your health and that of other family members also. We need to lead a quality and simple life style. Then in later part of our life we do not have to regret.


From rasi point of view wearing 8 mukhi, 11 mukhi and 15 mukhi rudraksh would prove beneficial for you. Your lucky gem stones are diamond, emerald and blue sapphire. Worshipping Lord Shiva, Hanuman and Shani Dev will help in removing obstacles from your life. You can recite Hanuman Chalisa too.


It is an ideal time to bring your pet and ambitious projects into operation. If with intent and determination you make and efforts than you will get more than expected benefits.


There is a chance of achievements this year. You will not be able to get the full advantage of opportunities if you fail to grab them.