See what your Zodiac hold in your Future

VIRGO (Horoscope 2021 - Annual Forecast)


Key word : Analytical, Intelligence, Modest

Rashi Sign : The Female

Rashi Element : Earth

Rashi Lord : Mercury

It is going to be an amazing year for you. Saturn will be placed in your fifth house (in house of education, love and children) along with Jupiter in Capricorn in the beginning of the year. Jupiter will be retrograde and progressive for short periods during the year. It will enter Aquarius sign too during this year. Saturn will remain placed in Capricorn for the whole year. Rahu and Ketu will remain in 9th house and 3rd house respectively in Taurus and Scorpio rasi for the whole year. This year you will get success in examination, interviews, departmental tests and administrative services. Those who are interested in pursuing higher studies too will get success. Students will do well in academics and get admission in courses/institutes of their choice. You can enter into new love relations leading to marriage too.

The months of January to March will bring wonderful results. It is going to be time period of great accomplishments. Your health will improve. But your emotions and generosity will be your biggest weakness. Conquer this weakness of yours if you want to get success. You can make investments in land, building, gold, stocks, vehicles etc. You will also implement new ideas and policies in your business/job. You will also take some important and suitable decisions in consultation with your seniors. Those who are giving interviews/exams will get success. Students will also clear competitive exams and get admission in courses of their choice. You will enter into love relations leading to marriage. Love birds will have a wonderful time. You will have to undertake journey on account of work and these trips will prove to be very beneficial.

The months of April till September will bring mixed results. Jupiter will enter Kumbha rasi on 6th April and will be placed in your 6th house (house of enemies). You will be emotionally a bit upset. There may be some tensions in your domestic life but you need to keep things under control. Otherwise, your work could get hit. Yet, you will get victory over your enemies and opponents. Your good communication skills will be an additional benefit. Your area of influence would increase and you will have relations with higher up people on even footing. You may get a foot hold in some vital project. You could get promoted in your job. You need to put hard work and diligence for the completion of tasks. Keep a distance from social media and love affairs. The property dispute between the brothers and relatives will be settled by third party.

The months of September, October, November are exceptionally bright. The benefic planet Jupiter will re-enter Capricorn on 14th September and remain here for next few months. It will be placed in your 5th house with Saturn. Students will focus entirely on their studies and will get good results. You will deal with all your work intelligently and get acclaim. There will be an increase in your respect, honor, reputation and prestige. You could also be dating a new person. It would be a very warm and fulfilling relationship. You will solve every problem and obstacle with your intellect and wisdom. Your relatives/friends will cooperate with you. Conflicts will end. Mutual love and harmony will prevail. You will go ahead on the path of progress.

The months of November and December would not deliver the expected results. Jupiter would again enter into Kumbha rashi and will remain here till the end of the year in your sixth house from natal Moon. Check your behavior and restrain in speech, otherwise every bit of slip of tongue would add fuel to fire. You may get disturbed at the emotional level also. It would be appropriate to overlook differences with near and dear ones. Those who crave to go abroad for higher studies, jobs, business or some professional work need not slacken their efforts. You need to control your expenses. Enemies will remain active but will be unable to harm your interests.


From family life and relationship perspective overall this year will bring mixed results. It is a good time for family happiness and peace. There will be mutual harmony and love in the family. Auspicious functions will keep taking place. New love relations can lead to marriage. Love birds will have a wonderful time. You will give first priority to your family. Between home and family you will get better coordination. You will be serious and sensitive about your children’s career and education. Large amount of money can be spent on education and marriage of your children. If during testing times mutual love, trust and bonding are maintained between siblings then we can easily come out of the severest of the tests.


Success and achievements in financial/monetary matters are waiting for you this year. You will earn good money. Don’t lend money to others otherwise it will be difficult to get it back. Your property related disputes in family will get resolved. From financial angle months of March, July, October and November are very good. There are possibilities of income coming from foreign sources or from far flung areas too.


It is a wonderful year from professional view point. You will make new plans about the work. It is time for a major expansion in your business. Your bosses will be happy with your work. You will achieve your goals successfully and will get lot of good offers related to work/business. Turn opportunities to your advantage. Gradually it would not only result in unmatched gains but also lead to enhancement in status, name and fame.


This year your health will be good. But do not throw caution to the winds. Take special care of your diet. You would benefit if you can take on a disciplined regime and lifestyle. Take care of health of other family members too. Go for regular health check ups and follow neat and clean habits.


If you worship Lord Ganesha your obstacles will get removed. Wearing Emerald, Diamond or Blue Sapphire could be beneficial. You can recite “Atharva –shirsha” shotra to get good benefits.


Make full of this wonderful opportunity that has been provided by providence. Your hard work, self-belief in your abilities and dedication will automatically help you to come out of problems you are facing in life.


Don’t go over-board with your plans. Trust your instincts. Having too much faith in others may prove to be your undoing.