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TAURUS (Horoscope 2021 - Annual Forecast)


Key word : Practicality, Artistic Bent, stability, Trustworthiness

Rashi Sign : The Bull

Rashi Element : Earth

Rashi Lord : Venus

In the beginning of year Saturn will remain in ninth house (house of fortune) along with Jupiter in Capricorn sign. Your rasi lord Venus will also provide good results in different signs. Rahu and Ketu will be transiting in your 1st house and 7th house in the sign of Taurus and Scorpio respectively for the whole year. Rahu in your sign Taurus will give sudden and unexpected results. Even Ketu will remain unpredictable and will give mixed results. At times you will feel detached too. Saturn will remain in Capricorn sign for the whole year. Jupiter will be retrograde and progressive for short periods during the year 2021.

The months of January till March will prove to be a very fruitful period in all aspects. It will be a financially rewarding period for the Taurus people. Saturn in ninth house along with Jupiter will strengthen the way for fate betterment. You will have more financial gains. The tasks which were incomplete will get completed. Enemies and opponents will try to harm you but will not get success. You will have luck favoring you. You can also undertake short business trips which will prove beneficial. New job/business offers will keep coming. Those who want to go abroad for job or higher studies too will get success. You will also invest your money wisely. There will be an increase in respect and recognition in society. People will respect and acknowledge you as an influential person.

The months of April to September, in general, would be good. On April 6th Jupiter will enter Kumbha rasi and it will be placed in your 10th house (house of profession) and it will remain here for few months. There is need to be extremely cautious in matters related to money and finances. You need to show restrain while taking financial decisions. But you will get back money that was given to someone else. Your bosses and colleagues will cooperate with you. Those who are desirous of giving examination, interviews, competitions need to make special and determined efforts to get desired results. New opportunities in your profession/business will await you. And your capabilities and talent will overflow in front of everyone. They will praise your intelligence.

The most benefic planet Jupiter would again re-enter Capricorn sign on September 14 and will remain here till November 21 in your 9th house. Your work will start getting completed. Money and wealth will keep coming. A favorable court verdict in your favor is expected. Settle disputes through negotiations. Opportunities to undertake journey would keep coming but decide to go only on those journeys where you would accomplish much in earnest. You will gain victory over enemies. Keep an eye on your business/partner/associates.

The remaining months of November and December will give mixed results. Jupiter will again enter Aquarius sign on November 21 where it was placed earlier and will remain here till the end of year in your 10th house. Honesty in your work will be your priority. You will earn good money. Promotion in job is possible. Those who are in creative fields and who also desire to make a career in sports world time is conductive. But to get desired success on a greater level special efforts would be needed.


From family life and relationship perspective overall the year is really good. You can enter into new romantic ties leading to marriage. It is a great year for your family peace and care. House and family will be your priority this year. There would be joyous atmosphere in the family. Even love and bonding in family ties would be seen. The echo of some auspicious event can be heard. In the months of January to March and again October till December some auspicious, event may take place in the family. You can also go on a vacation with family for fun and relaxation. This year you will be travelling a lot.


You will put in lot of efforts and hard work this year. You will also get reward of your hard work. Those who are planning to buy a new house, land, flat or some property can have their dreams come true. You can also purchase a new vehicle too. Renovation of house, factory or office too could be planned and taken up.


This year favorable placement of planets will open the paths of promotion, increment etc. in your life. By your hard work you will achieve your objectives. Your concentration level will be good. New business offers too will come. A new offer or opportunity can also come in your career. You will work on new ideas and your efforts will be met with success too.


From health perspective overall this year is very good. Your physical health will be perfect. You will get benefit if you take on a disciplined regime and lifestyle. Stay away from tension and anxiety. Take care of your dietary habits and do regular exercise. Elders health in the family will be good. But have regular medical check-ups.


From your rasi sign you can wear Blue Sapphire, emerald or diamond. If heaving health issues can wear opal too. For success related to job and business wearing five mukhi rudraksh will resolve all work-related problems. Worship Goddess Laxmi for wealth and prosperity. Reciting Sri Suktam will give desired results.


The results of your efforts will also be reflected in your tasks. Hence work with dedication and sincerity. It is a good time to plan a major expansion.


Don’t let opportunities slip away from you. Don’t give money to some unknown persons else you will have problems in receiving it back.