See what your Zodiac hold in your Future

LEO (Horoscope 2021 - Annual Forecast)


Key word : Warm, Action –oriented, Royalty

Rashi Sign : Lion

Rashi Element : Fire

Rashi Lord : Sun

Saturn along with Jupiter will remain in Capricorn rasi in your 6th house at the start of the year. Jupiter will be retrograde and progressive for short periods during the year 2021. Rahu and Ketu will remain in your 10th house and 4th house in Taurus and Scorpio respectively for the whole year. Your efforts will be blessed with success this year. You will get victory over enemies. You will get unexpected success in competitive exams. New job/business too will come. It is an ideal time to put new ideas into place.

The months of January to March will bring you good gains. You will be facing tough competition in your business/work but ultimately you will get success. Your enemies and opponents will get defeated. You would not be facing much problems in tacking day to day activities. And if you go about the task by keeping short-term goals in mind that would be worth it. You need to be extra careful in matters related to money and finances. Those who are looking to go abroad for work, business or higher studies can do so. Show patience and fortitude. Extra work pressure may put some strain hence you need to take care of your health. Don’t trust others blindly. Take all investment related decisions wisely. You may become free form some chronic ailment too. You need to remain careful in romantic matters. Things will not happen as you expect.

The time period from April to September promises to be favorable. Jupiter will enter Kumbha rasi on April 6 and will remain here for next five months. It will be placed in your 7th house (house of partner). You will receive continuously one opportunity after another in your business/job. Some important and fortunate event related to your marriage will take place during this time period. The placement of planets in transit is favorable. They will help you in monetary gains and profits and with the help of your intelligence and work potential you will be making lot of money. You can also enter into new business venture in partnership, association or collaboration. It is an ideal time to start a new business venture. And you can undertake a major expansion in your business too. Short-term business /work related trips will keep you busy. You will also enter into new romantic ties which will be long-lasting.

The months of September to November will again deliver expected results. The benefic planet Jupiter will again enter Capricorn rashi on September 14th and will be placed along with Saturn in your 6th house. There are chances of promotion or increment in your job which has been delayed for some time. But you need to control your temper and anger. You will be able to defeat your enemies with tact and a lot of patience. As it is, you will gain various opportunities in your business/job/profession. Your bosses will expect a lot from you but will be happy and satisfied with your work. As a result, with greater determination you will be able to finish pending projects. There may be some tensions in your domestic affairs. You will have issues with your siblings over division of property. You need to show lot of maturity and wise head in handling the situation.

November and December will be extremely beneficial. Jupiter will again enter Aquarius sign on 21st November and will remain here till the end of the year. It will remain here in your 7th house. If you are connected with some creative profession then on account of your exceptional talents you would be able to leave your imprint. If striving for execution of a long lasting project then make efforts in that direction. It is also time to turn long term love affair into marriage. Your family will support you. Family ties will grow stronger. Those who are on the threshold of marriageable age will have yogas to get married.


Family life and relationship perspective overall this year is really good. Those who are involved in romantic ties will get chance to get married. Love birds will have a good time. There would be warmth and bonding in family ties. The family atmosphere will be gleeful. There are yogas / indications for auspicious events or celebrations in the family. The months of April, May, June, July, November and December are especially favorable. Even your children will excel in their field. But you will remain concerned for your children. The health of elders in the family may be a cause of concern.


This period is an excellent period from wealth point of view. There will be an increase in your income/finances. If you are able to execute your plans perfectly then, without doubt, you will gain. You can also buy or purchase a house, flat, shop or vehicle. You can also receive money from unexpected sources.


This year is very productive from work/job point of view. This year is full of opportunities in your job/profession. Through your hard work and efforts you will show everyone your potentials and capabilities. Those looking for jobs abroad will get success. You will also get work orders from abroad. Your boss/seniors will be happy with your performance. There are chances of getting promotion, increment etc. in your current job. The atmosphere in your work/profession will be good. It is necessary that you put in more efforts.


Your health will be gradually good this year. However, some little ailments and seasonal diseases may bother a bit. But there is nothing to worry much. Keep special care of things like what you eat and drink. Do yoga, meditation and exercises to keep yourself fine and fit. Those who are chronic patients too can get relief. Living a simple and disciplined life style will naturally solve lot of your problems.


Sun is your Rashi lord. If Surya Namaskar and offering water to Sun God is made a lifelong habit it would stand you in the good. You can also recite “Aditya Hridya” stotra to get good results. Wearing a 13 Mukhi Rudraksh too would be beneficial for you. From rasi point of view, wearing Ruby, Coral and Yellow Sapphire could be worn.


You have the ability that others don’t possess. And with your self confidence sky is the limit as far as your growth is concerned. You have the will power to achieve your goals.


Your ego is your biggest problem. Keep it under control. Your work will start getting done naturally.