See what your Zodiac hold in your Future

GEMINI (Horoscope 2021 - Annual Forecast)


Key word : Brilliance of mind, Good Communication skills

Rashi Sign : The Union of the Male And Female

Rashi Element : Air

Rashi Lord : Mercury

Saturn along with Jupiter will remain placed in your 8th house at the start of the year in Capricorn sign. They will give mixed results. Jupiter will be retrograde and progressive for short periods during the year 2021. It will enter Aquarius rasi too. Saturn will remain in Capricorn sign for the whole year. You may share some health related issues. Rahu and Ketu will be transiting in 12th house and 6th house in Taurus and Scorpio respectively for the whole year. You may face sudden problems. Enemies and conspirators may bother you. You will also face problems at your work place. Unwanted expenses too may bother you. You will be under the 8th Shani hence you need to exercise caution.

The time period from the month of January to March would give mixed results. Confusion with regard to matters related to money and finances is indicated. You need to do a rethink on investment planning. There will be hurdles to get back money that was given to other persons. Enemies will be active and try to harm your interest/reputation. You need to keep all your papers and documentation ready and upto date if you are thinking of taking loan from financial institution or government. Don’t trust others in money matters. You will have differences of opinion with your family or with your life partner. However, it will prove to be of no consequence later on. You need to be careful in love relations.

However the months of April to September will prove much better. Jupiter will enter Kumbha rasi on 6th April and it will be placed in your 9th house (house of fortune and good luck). Things will start to get better. New projects will get initiated. The opportunities for the completion of the work which has been struck and piling up for sometime will be formed. Jupiter will give good results. Students will perform well in exams and get favorable results. The results of job related tests, government, administrative, departmental tests, competitive tests will favor you. You will also undertake business related trips. Court related matters will get resolved. Government related job will also get done with ease. You will get great financial success. New job/business offers will come. People will respect your potentials and capabilities.

The months of September to November will prove testing. Jupiter will again re-enter Capricorn rasi where it was placed earlier and will be placed with Saturn in your 8th house. You will have to work extra hard for the train of your work to come on the right track. This period is not good to get long term goals. You can get into a feud with some persons over your parental property or inherited assets. However, it will be resolved to the satisfaction of all with the intervention of third party. You can also face some stomach related issue. Take adequate care of your health and go for regular medical checkup. Those who are in research field will get good success. You will also spend on the maintenance of your assets.

The month of November –December will be exceptionally beneficial. Jupiter on 21st November will enter in Aquarius rashi and it will remain in your 9th house till the end of the year. The star of your luck will change. You will be undertaking lot of business related trips. Financial position will get better. New job/business offers will come. Your investments will give good returns. In terms of respect, popularity, fame and prestige, the graph will go upwards. New love relations leading to marriage are indicated. Opponents won’t be able to harm you despite their best efforts.


The placement of planets is not favorable from health point of view. You need to keep a watch on your own health and go for medical checkup regularly. Even elders and children will need special care. Your relations with relatives will be great. Through your gentle tone and kind perspective you can win anyone over. If you are already involved in some relations with someone then it is time to go for wedlock. You will receive the good news of a new member joining your family. Auspicious functions will keep taking place.


You will work very efficiently this year and will earn good money through hard work. There can be some gains through inheritance and you may acquire some ancestral property. If you are unable to increase your earnings by reducing your spending, you can keep your finances in check. The months of April, May, June, July, November and December would be especially beneficial. During this time period, financial position will be strong.


From the professional prospective there is need to be watchful this year you need to work with concentration. Take your work seriously and obey orders of your boss. Try for new job opportunities if you raise expectations of others but do not perform well, it will prove to be counterproductive. Be honest in your approach.


From your rasi wearing 11Mukhi and 14 Mukhi rudraksh would be favorable. It is widely believed rudraksh is a boon given to mankind by Lord Shiva, wearing of which is beneficial under all circumstances. Wearing Emerald, Zircon and diamond would be especially helpful for you.


Take care of your health. And eat healthy food and do exercise and meditation to remain fit. Have a positive attitude towards life.


Don’t argue with people who do not have faith in your ability or try to harm your interests. Stay alert. Keep on marching ahead in life like flow of river.