See what your Zodiacholds in your Future

ARIES (Horoscope 2021 - Annual Forecast)


Key word : Challenges provide opportunities.

Rashi Sign : The Ram

Rashi Element : fire

Rashi Lord : Mars

In the beginning of the year 2021, Jupiter will be transiting in the tenth house in Capricorn. Jupiter will be retrograde and progressive for short periods during the year 2021. It will enter Aquarius rasi too. Saturn will also be transiting in the Capricorn sign which is your tenth house for the whole year. Rahu and Ketu will also be transiting in second and eighth house in the sign of Taurus and Scorpio respectively for the whole year. Your rasi lord Mars will be in its own sign in January and will give good results.

The months of January to March will bring positive results. You could get promotion or rise in present job all of a sudden. If you are thinking of a job change the time is suitable. Those who are looking for job opportunities, business or higher studies abroad it is a good time. If you are thinking of some expansion in work or new openings in business you will accomplish positive gains. Those people appearing in competitive exams and interviews etc. would come out with flying colours. You could also purchase a new property or luxury vehicle. Your property related disputes with brothers will get resolved. You will feel peaceful and will enjoy good family ties. Auspicious functions like marriage will take place in the family.

April to September would be spent in wonderful spirit and atmosphere. In April, Jupiter will transit to Kumbha rasi on 6th of the month. Here it will remain till September 14, 2021 in your 11th house (house of gains). You will be getting good gains in business, profession and job. Your investments will also bring good results. It will reap you rich dividends. You could invest your money in multiple sources. And get good returns. Your confidence will be high and you will remain cheerful. There could be some changes suddenly at professional level. It will be for your good. You could also undertake numerous business trips which will prove beneficial for you. New professional contacts could also be made. You will be never sort of finance and will be flush with funds. You can also undertake new business ventures in partnership, association or joint venture. Your self confidence will be boosted. And you will get relief from problems that you faced earlier. New job/business opportunities will come. Those who are appearing for competitive exams will get good results. Those individuals who are involved in some creative line of work will be able to make a strong footing and establish themselves. You could also go for short vacations with your family.

The months of September, October and November will again prove to be especially fruitful. On 14th September the benefic planet Jupiter will be retrograde and will again re-enter Capricorn rasi and will remain here till 21st November, 2021 in your 10th house. For those who are thinking in terms of new job or changing their present job and those who are interested in starting some new business then these months could provide worthwhile results. These months are especially productive from professional perspective. It is possible that some new project or planning could be executed. There are indication of domestic trips as well as going abroad due to work related issues.

The transit of planets in the months of November, December is favorable for you. On 21st November, Jupiter will again enter Aquarius rasi and remain here till the end of the year in your 11th house. The tensions at work place will get removed. Your ideas will be implemented at your work place. You will achieve a lot in your business and work. The expansion of your business is going to be done on a grand scale.


From family life and relationship perspective overall the year is very good. Due to favorable placement of Jupiter there will be atmosphere of bliss, warmth and cheer in your family. There are Yogas for auspicious celebrations in the family. These events can take place on a grand and large scale either between January to April or between October to December. You can also go with family members for some funfilled vacations for sightseeing and relaxation when you have free time to some favorable place/destination.


This year is very rewarding in terms of wealth and money. Your investments will fetch you rich dividends and you will get good rewards. There are yogas/possibilities to buy some land, new house, flat or shop/commercial space. Your property disputes will get resolved. Take decisions impartially. Take decisions with your mind, rather than your heart. A decision taken with the brain will be beneficial.


From professional point of view this year is very promising. You would be able to bring into reality those ideas/planning as the year goes by on which you have been thinking for a long time now. The months of January, April, September and November are very promising or ideal to get good results. Therefore during these months you can make headway on your pet projects and ideas. Time is very favorable.


In total this year stars are indicating at a time period of great health for you. Your health will be perfect overall. We are of the opinion that genetic health which we inherit from nature is nearly 60 percent of our total health. The rest 40 percent depends on our behavior dietary regime, attitude and climate factors. If you are able to keep this 40 percent under check then you will remain fine and fit for the whole year. Make Yoga, exercise, eating food on time and walking a daily routine.


Yellow Sapphire, Red Coral and Pearl can be worn. Yellow Sapphire is good for grace and good luck. Red Coral would increase patience and calmness. Pearl would add to family and mental peace. Chanting of Ista-mantra, doing yoga and meditation is not only beneficial but would boost the immunity system too. You can also worship Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa.


Those who have been looking for job/business venture will get success. They should double their efforts. It is once in a life time opportunity.


Don’t take anything casually. Otherwise, you will have to repent for a long time to come.