See what your Zodiac hold in your Future

SCORPIO (Horoscope 2021 - Annual Forecast)


Key word : Strong willed, Passionate, Intelligent

Rashi Sign : Scorpio

Rashi Element : Water

Rashi Lord : Mars

Jupiter will be placed along with Saturn in Capricorn rasi in your 3rd house (house of action) in the beginning of the year. Saturn will remain here for the whole year in its own sign. Jupiter will be retrograde and progressive for short periods during the year 2021. It will enter Aquarius sign too this year. Rahu and Ketu will remain in your 7th house and 1st house respectively in Taurus and Scorpio for the whole year. You will be result oriented and your actions will bring positive benefits. You will have self-confidence and belief in your capabilities. Though you may face many hurdles yet you will be able to make way for yourself naturally. It is going to be a progressive year and you will see an improvement in your health, finance and luck.

The period from January to March is very favorable time for you. You will buy movable and immovable property. You will also work very hard and get ample rewards for it too. Your expenses will be high but money will come in large amounts. You will be able to maintain perfect balance. You will also come up to the expectations of your bosses and perform exceptionally in your job. You will also undertake lot of business related trips too. The placement of Saturn and Jupiter in your third house is showing signs of monetary gains and increase of valour. You need to remain alert in money matters, else you might get cheated. In government related matters, things will turn in your favor. The good news you had been waiting to hear for a long time will come. You need to plan and streamline all your works and keep moving ahead after completing them one after another. You will have peace and joy in family relations. You need to careful with your love affairs.

April to September will be very supportive for you. Jupiter will enter Aquarius rasi on 6th April and will remain here for next few months. It will be placed in your fourth house from your natal Moon. There will be boost in your self-confidence and you will try to complete incomplete tasks with full vigour. You will also enjoy mental peace and will feel relaxed. General atmosphere in the family would be amiable and of peace. There are yogas for buying new flat, house, commercial property or vehicle. You will also get a good job offer. You will also undertake a major expansion of your business in collaboration, association or joint venture. If giving any exams, competition or interview etc. there are very good chances of positive results. Good openings in the professional work. Promotions or even added responsibilities too might be given. Financial angle too time is very promising. Auspicious events may take place in the family. You will get full support from spouse/partner.

Months of September to November too would prove to be lucky. Jupiter will again re-enter Capricorn on 14th September and will be placed here along with Saturn in your third house again. Jupiter will remain here for next two months. This time period is also very fruitful for you. Efforts in financial matters would bear fruits. You will be able to get loan from government, bank or financial institutions for your pet projects. There will be some plan and situation will be created for an important and auspicious work to take place in months of October and November. Your have learned not to bow before anyone ever. You do not accept defeat under any circumstances and at any cost. You will face every situation boldly and turn any situation in your favor. The results of tests given for a job, competitive exams and interviews will also favor you.

The months of November and December would also prove to be exceptionally good for you. Jupiter will again travel to Kumbha rasi on 21st November and will remain here till the end of the year in your 4th house. You will work very hard and put in lot of efforts in business/job. You will get positive results too. There are possibilities of purchasing land, house, vehicles, flats etc. Your desires will get fulfilled. There will be an increase in your fame and self-respect.

Those who are involved in creative fields like-writing, literature, arts, music, cinema, fashion, dance or sports would get appropriate opportunities to display their talents. With your intelligent insight you will take decisions that will give you benefits. You will get success in competitive exams/interviews. Seriousness and focus towards target will only help you to achieve them. Travelling on account of professional work would keep you busy and these trips would prove beneficial in the long run.


From family life and relationship perspective there are glorious times ahead. There will be joy and warmth in family ties. Some auspicious event too might take place in the family. The performance of children in their respective fields of work will be laudable. You will be spending a lot on your children’s education, marriage etc. Your relatives will help you in hour of need. The performance of children in their respective fields of work would be laudable. There are possibilities for growth in the family tree. You can also go for a long vacations with family to an exotic location for fun and relaxation.


It is a wonderful year from financial perspective. You will earn a lot of money and will never be short of funds. Majority of planets are placed favorably well for the whole year and there will be never any shortage of money. You will also buy new flat, plot, house, commercial property and vehicle. You will also get profits and income from sale/purchase of property.


You will perform well in your job/work. This time you will have favorable results. You may receive an increment or promotion at your job or workplace. There would be greater understanding with bosses and colleagues. People would be appreciative of your efforts whole heartedly. You could be given an additional responsibility too. Your prestige and status will rise further. You will became a role model for others.


The stars are indicating you will remain fit and fine for the whole year. Take care of what you eat and drink. Go for your regular walks, exercise, do meditation and yoga. You will remain cheerful for the whole year.


Wearing 11 mukhi, 13 mukhi and 14 mukhi rudraksha is beneficial for you. Wearing Yellow sapphire, coral and pearl can also be done. Worshipping lord Hanuman and reciting “Hanuman Chalisa” would be favorable for you.


It is a very promising time-period. Make use of your talents and capabilities. Think big and act big. You will see positive changes in your life.


Don’t waste your time. Luck is on your side. Your dedication, sincerity and hard work will help you in achieving your goals.