See what your Zodiac hold in your Future

SAGITTARIUS (Horoscope 2021 - Annual Forecast)


Key word : Curious and Energetic

Rashi Sign : The Archer

Rashi Element : Fire

Rashi Lord : Jupiter

In the beginning of the year. Jupiter (your rasi lord) along with Saturn will be placed. In Capricorn sign in your second house (house of inheritance and wealth). Saturn will remain here for the whole year. Jupiter will be retrograde and progressive for short periods during the year 2021. It will enter Aquarius rasi too this year. Rahu and Ketu will remain in your sixth house and twelth house for the whole year in Taurus and Scorpio respectively. In this year you will have to work hard and struggle in every aspect of your life. But you will get good and long lasting results. Your enemies and opponents will remain active but you will get victory over them. You will also get very good results in financial/money matters. You will also be under the influence of Saturn’s Sadhesaati (seven and half years) which is in its last phase now. The clouds of crisis will also dissipate.

The period from the months of January to March would be spent wonderfully. It is a great time for professionals. Your financial problems will get resolved. You will have pressure of targets in your job/business. But you will come out with flying colours. Your seniors/bosses will be satisfied with your work. They will have faith in your abilities and capabilities. Even your colleagues will help you in your work. You will also share wonderful bonding with your family members. You may inherent some ancestral property too. Even your property disputes will get resolved. However your enemies and opponents will remain active. You might have to take loan for your business that will be gradually repaid. You will be good at achieving your objectives. Your name and fame will rise. You will also move towards your goals with full concentration. However, in love matters you need to remain careful. Do not come under the influence of anybody.

The months of April to September will be especially fruitful. Jupiter will enter Aquarius sign on 6th April in your third house (house of action). It will remain here till mid of September. There would be favorable circumstances developing in present job, profession and business. You will make new investments. There will be pressures to achieve targets in your job/business. But you will pass the test. Those who are taking part in some exams, competitions or interview could get unprecedented success. In the economic field worthwhile efforts made would prove to be gainful. Your opponents would fail in their intentions to corner you despite making their best efforts. A court verdict could come in your favor. Business related trips will keep you busy and will prove beneficial. Family ties will be stronger and there is possibility of some auspicious function taking place in the family. During this whole period you will not only remain in high spirits but would but would add to your stature and prestige too. You can also enter into new romantic ties leading to marriage. Love birds will have an amazing time. Never undertake any journey about which you are not sure.

The months of September to November would be spent peacefully. Jupiter will again enter Capricorn sign in your second house (house of wealth) on 14th September. It will be placed here with Saturn for the next few months. Those who are appearing for examinations and interview should not let their efforts go down as time is very favorable for success in such activities. Professional/work related trips are possible which would later turn out to be beneficial. You may have some arguments with your senior officers but within time you will win them with your good behavior. There are also chances of your promotion in your job. You may also receive an increment during this period . Any matter pending in courts and whose decision is expected any time now could come in your favor. Those who are unmarried for a long time will get suitable proposals. You will also share good bonding with your partner/spouse. Elders in the family will bless you.

The months of November and December would be exceptionally bright. Jupiter will again enter Kumbha rashi on 21st November in your third house and will remain here till the end of the year. You will develop good relations with influential and higher up people. From an economic perspective, the situation is very favorable. There would be double growth in income and there are prospects of generating additional sources of income too. There would be opportunities to take steps ahead in job, education and business. You will get ample support of friends and well-wishers. Those important matters in which you are hesitant to take proper decisions seek their counsel. Sudden travels can’t be ruled out. But these will prove to be beneficial in the long run.


The year is really good from family life and relationship perspective. There would be warmth and love in family ties. You will get support of your family members. You will be having expenses on child’s career, education, coaching, marriage etc. There would be some auspicious celebration like marriage of a close relative or arrival of a new born baby in the family. You can also go with your family members for some fun filled vacations for sight seeing and relaxation when you have free time to some exotic destination. Overall, joyous and fun filled time would be spent with family.


Beneficial position for the whole year. As a result, there would be increase in income and finances. Additional sources of income too may be generated. There are chances of buying land building, vehicle etc. this year. You can make investments too. Those who are self-employed or involved in import-export business or for that matter even some local business would also get favorable results this year.


You will be having many opportunities in your job/business this year. You need to make best use of them and turn them to your advantage. You will get promotion/transfer. Not only you will get praise for your work style at your present office/place of work but also you could be given some important responsibilities as well. Those who want to go abroad and settle there can make efforts in this direction. Those who have been searching a new job/employment through some exams, competition or interview will not be disappointed.


This year is generally good from health point of view. There is a general belief that health cannot be bought. For it we have to show commitment and need to spare some time for yoga, meditation or whatever form of exercise that suits us. Take adequate care of your own health and that of other family members.


You can wear 8 mulki, 11 mukhi and 15 mukhi rudraksh to get maximum benefits. Wearing yellow sapphire, coral and ruby would prove to be beneficial this year. You can also worship Lord Vishnu and recite “Vishnu Shastranam” to get benefits and good results.


Not be afraid to accept challenges. Take advantage of the time when stars are in your favor. Things are looking bright on the horizon for you.


When we run out of luck even our well intended efforts go futile. This is a universal truth. When we have situation under our control even events turn out to be in your favor. But shy away from taking vital decisions under difficult situations.