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CAPRICORN (Horoscope 2021 - Annual Forecast)


Key word : Ambitious, Conservative, Determined and helpful

Rasi Sign : The Goat

Rasi Element : Earth

Rasi Lord : Saturn

It is going to be an amazing year for your rasi. In the beginning of the year, Saturn will be in conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn rasi and will be placed in your first house. Saturn will remain here for the whole year. Jupiter will be retrograde and progressive for short periods during the year 2021. It will enter Aquarius rasi too this year. Rahu and Ketu will be placed in your 5th house and 11th house in Taurus and Scorpio rasi for the whole year. You will also be having direct impact of the Sade Saati (Seven and half years period) of Saturn for all over the year. You must keep your routine life balanced. The Saturn’s Sade-Saati impact may make your opponents or rivals more audacious. Your expansion plans in business will make headway forward. You will work with a passionate zeal and achieve your goals. New job/business offers will come. Marital life will be smooth and happy except occasional banter due to the normal understanding between the spouse.

The months of January to March would prove to be quite fruitful. Your financial and business position will be very strong. Your efforts to get some job/employment would be rewarded with positive results. Those who are appearing for some examinations, competition or interview will get success. Although your health will be comparatively better, but you will remain very busy. You need to relax a bit and focus again. You will try to do best into bring your work/business on the right track. You will get success too. Your bosses and officials have lot of expectations from you. There will be pressure to fulfill your objectives at work. This you will do with ease. Your financial condition will be good. But expenses will rise. Your investment will bring good returns. You could also undertake work/business related trips which will prove beneficial. There will be conspiracies against you, beware of them. There will be warmth in family ties. New romantic relations leading to marriage are indicated. Auspicious functions will also take place during this period.

The moths of April to September will bring positive results. Jupiter will transit to Kumbha rasi on 6th April 2021. It will remain here for next few months in your second house (house of wealth) if you work with full attention then you can be assured of better results. Those who are giving any important exams, interview or other tests then they would come out with flying colours. Those efforts made to secure new job/employment would be worth it. Your property dispute with brother/sisters will also get resolved amiably to the satisfaction of all. There is also possibility of getting involved in new love relations. Your confidence would rise and you will be able to turn situation in your favor. Your financial position will be better than before. Yet, before undertaking any investment related decision have a re-think.

September to November overall will be generally favorable for you. Jupiter will again enter Capricorn rasi and will be in conjunction with Saturn in your lagna. Favorable for those connected with politics and social service. Exam, competition or interview will provide positive results. Family ties will be amiable and full of warmth. There is possibility of some auspicious function taking place. Students will concentrate on their studies and will try to make up for the lost time. You should work forward towards your objective with total dedication. You will be able to increase your earnings. The loan you have given can be recovered by making herculean efforts.

The months of November and December would also prove to be exceptionally good for you. Jupiter will enter Aquarius rasi on 21st November and will remain here till the end of year in your 2nd house. You will make best use of your communication skills. As a result of which new contacts would be developed that would prove to be of immense benefits later on. Those of you who are making efforts to get job/employment opportunities or want to go abroad for higher studies will also get success in that direction. There would be enhancement in your social status and prestige.


From family life and relationship perspective this is a good year. Auspicious functions will keep taking place. You will feel that even in adverse circumstances your entire family will stand with you. Marital relations will be pleasant. This year your family will be your priority. Due to favorable placement of Jupiter there will be atmosphere of bliss, warmth and cheer in your family. There will be display of love and bonding among family members. Family members will be emotionally very close to each other. You will also spend a lot on education, career, coaching and marriage of your children.


Your financial position will be stable and strong. Money and wealth will keep coming. You can plan to buy or purchase a house, flat, shop, land or vehicle. There are yogas/possibilities of some ancestral property or legacy as a gift. You need to keep an eye on increased expenditure.


This year your area of influence would grow wider. Pople would be appreciative of your managerial skills and ability to bring into execution difficult projects. You will be able to bring into reality those ideas/planning as the year goes by on which you have been thinking for a long time now. Those people who are searching for new jobs/employment through some exams, competition or interview would not be disappointed. You would get a promotion too. Additional responsibility too might be given.


We believe that with regard to health that it does not get better or worse in a day. For that matter if dietary habits, yoga, exercise, meditation are done with a regularity and purpose then even adverse time period can be turned into advantage. Keep your habits simple and stick to basics.


You can wear 10 mukhi, 12 mukhi and 14 mukhi rudraksh for the whole year. It would be off special benefit if you do so this year. Your birthstones are diamond, emerald and blue sapphire which you can wear easily. You can also worship Lord Hanuman and Sani deva to overcome difficulties. You can recite Hanuman Chalisa to get benefits.


This year is particularly beneficial for you. Do take advantage of the time when stars are in your favor. If your put forward your best efforts then untold benefits would arise for you.


There is a very popular saying, you do not get more than you deserve nor before your proper time comes. You need to make the right moves and wait for your chance. Destiny will smile on you.