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PISCES (Horoscope 2021 - Annual Forecast)


Key word : Artistic, selfless, generous

Rashi Sign : Fish

Rashi Element : Water

Rashi Lord : Jupiter

In the beginning of the year your rashi lord Jupiter will be placed in Capricorn sign along with Saturn in your 11th house (house of gains). Saturn will remain in Capricorn rashi for the whole year. Jupiter will be retrograde and progressive for short periods during the year 2021. It will enter Aquarius rashi too this year. Rahu and Ketu will remain in your third house and ninth house in Taurus and Scorpio rashi for the whole year. This year you will be having lot of gains. You will achieve a lot of success in your job or business and in financial matters. It is a year of achievements. You will be undertaking lot of business related trips which will prove beneficial. You will also buy new property or vehicle. There will be ample opportunities to move ahead in present job, profession or business.

The time period from January to March will prove to be very fruitful period in all aspects. There are chances of getting money. Your health will be better. There will be chances of finishing some new work. It is a very auspicious time period for you. There will be an increase in your sources of income. You will put lot of efforts in your work. You will get ample results of your hard work. You will also utilize your money properly. Your boss and seniors will be happy with your performance. You will also face the difficult circumstances with strong determination. If you are thinking of starting a new venture/project or thinking of expansion in the present work situation then without doubt success is assured. You will also be lucky in matters of love and romance. And can get involved with a person known to you. There would be a joyous atmosphere in the family. Even love and bonding in family ties will be seen. Those people appearing in competitions, exams and interview etc. would come out with flying colours.

The months of April, May, June, July, August and September would be productive. Jupiter will enter Aquarius rashi on 6th April and will remain here for next few months. It will be placed here in your 12th house (house of expenditure) there may be some mental tensions and worries in job, profession and business related work. Some emotional issues in family life too may add to mental upheaval and disturbances. In matters related to wealth, finance and money you need to act with prudence. Make investment related decisions wisely. Yet, during this period your long-held, pending or overdue projects could be completed easily. You will also like to take those challenges of which you were doubtful with renewed efforts. If looking for a new job, work or business or start-up then take long strides ahead with confidence. Your efforts would be blessed with success. Friends and well-wishers would provide ample support. Gains from banks, financial institutions and government authority are also indicated. Money and wealth will keep coming. In matters of love and romance, take decisions by applying your mind not heart. Otherwise, you may get cheated.

The months of September to November would be extremely beneficial from all angles. The main reason being benevolent planet Jupiter would travel back to Capricorn rashi on 14th September and remain here for next two months. It will be placed along with Saturn in your 11th house. You may be willing to enter some ambitious projects. If you are planning to undertake some new job, profession or even higher studies abroad, then do not be slack in your efforts. You can accomplish success. The family atmosphere would be jovial and cheerful. There will be some auspicious event or function taking place in the family. A new love relation also can’t be ruled out. Business/work related trips will keep you busy. There is a possibility of getting long held money back from others.

Months of November and December will give mixed results. Jupiter will again enter Kumbha rashi on 21st November and will be placed here till the end of year in your 12th house. The overall trend of events would be in your liking. There would be opportunities to take steps ahead in job, education and business. If there are disputes relating to property then efforts to resolve them through mutual talks and understanding would bring positive results. There would be a gain in economic position and new openings for earning too would be possible. You could be tempted to enter into new love relations. But you need to act wisely and take correct decision.


From family life and relationship perspective overall this year is very good. There would be a joyous atmosphere in the family. Even love and bonding in the family ties would be seen. At times, there may be some internal strife and tension. But always remain patient and calm. Your role could be to act as a friend, philosopher and guide. Be a torchbearer. Auspicious functions like marriage or the birth of a baby are indicated.


It is going to be a fruitful period from an economic point of view. Money inflow will be continuous. If any family dispute related to property is pending in courts then through tact and mutual understanding resolving the matter would be wise for you. There are yogas / possibilities to buy land, house, flat or shop/commercial space this year.


It is an excellent year from professional point of view. At times you will find the going tough. But we believe challenges provide opportunities. If you learn from this maxim then even negative and difficult times would pass on easily and new ideas emerge that will prove to be worth while later on. You will make good progress in your job/ employment/business. Your relations with seniors and fellow colleagues would be, by and large, cordial.


From health perspective overall this year is very good. Yet every individual could benefit if they take on a disciplined regime and lifestyle. Take care of your dietary habits and do regular exercise. You will be hale and hearty but the health of family members may be a cause of concern sometimes in between. We believe problems get solved on account of understanding not anxiety.


As far as remedies are concerned, worshipping lord Vishnu and chanting Vishnu Shastranam will prove beneficial. Also wearing 7 mukhi, 12 mukhi or 14 mukhi rudraksh this year will provide you with good results and luck. Wear yellow sapphire, pearl and red coral without any hesitation.


Behave nicely and softly with everyone, and that will be your biggest weapon this year. People will be naturally influenced by you.


Your tendency to trust people without thinking anything is your biggest weakness. Hence think twice before acting. It will be for your good.