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CANCER (Horoscope 2021 - Annual Forecast)


Key word : Sensitive, Emotional, Harmonious, Dedicated

Rasi Sign : The Crab

Rasi Element : Water

Rasi Lord : Moon

In the beginning of the year 2021, Jupiter will be transiting in the 7th house in Capricorn rasi along with Saturn. Jupiter will be retrograde and progressive for short periods during the year 2021. It will enter in Aquarius rasi too this year. Saturn will transit in Capricorn sign for the whole year. You will gain in partnership. Your business will flourish. And even auspicious functions will take place. Rahu and Ketu will be transiting in 11th house and 5th house in the Taurus and Scorpio respectively for the whole year. You will get good gains and your investment will fetch good returns. Those who are in technical education will get good success.

The time period from the month of January to March would be extremely beneficial from all angles. You will enter into partnership, association or collaboration. Your business will expand and prosper. People will be interested in putting their money on your projects. You will also plan to work simultaneously on numerous projects. Favorable situations and opportunities will be formed in your work field. Since you will take your work seriously, you will receive handsome rewards too. You will use your capabilities and capacities to the fullest. Your name and fame will also rise. It is ideal time to invest in new projects. You will get ample opportunities to rise in your present job/business. Those who are planning to give any examination or interview will get the desired results and success. Those who are involved in love relations for a long time now can take appropriate decision to enter into wedlock as time is ripe for such things. Some of you may enter into new romantic relations.

The time period from April to September is not so fruitful. The main reason being Jupiter on 6th April will enter Kumbha rasi, your 8th lord. It will remain here for around 6 months and you need to take precautions. If you are involved in some business, then you need to be cautious at all times. The behavior of strangers or unknown people can become a cause of concern. Your enemies and opponents will remain active and will try to harm your interests. Your expenses too may rise. Your biggest weakness will be your emotions, achieve victory over your weakness. But you will receive blessings of the elderly people. You could also get interested in spiritual and religious activities. And could undertake pilgrimage trips. If you are not fully convinced and sure do not enter into any new ventures/projects. It would appear appropriate to postpone investment related decisions.

The months of September to November would be exceptionally beneficial. Jupiter on 14th September will re-enter Capricorn and will be in conjunction with Saturn in your 7th house. The placement of Jupiter will be helpful in increasing gains. Your good deeds will bring you lot of name and fame. You will take initial steps in the expansion of your work and will achieve maximum level of expansion. In job, you will fulfill your targets upto a maximum level. You will have the ability to face pressure and accept challenges. Even your colleagues and bosses will support you fully. If you are planning to undertake some new job, profession or even higher studies abroad then do not be slack in your efforts. You can accomplish success. New romantic ties leading to marriage are indicated. A court verdict will come in your favor.

November and December could prove to be testing. Jupiter would again enter your 8th house in Aquarius sign on 21st November. Take investment related decisions wisely. Tricky situations in jobs, business and profession. Don’t trust relatives and friends in money matters. Some strict decisions regarding expenses need to be taken. Your enemies will be active, but they will not get success in their motives.


From family life and relationship perspective though the year is really very exceptional. There may be some auspicious event or function taking place in the family in the months of January, February, March, October and November. The family atmosphere will be jovial and cheerful. Money will be spent in the activities of children such as their studies, career and marriage. Relatives will help you. In the time of need, you will be able to recognize your well wishers and adversaries.


This is an excellent year from money point of view. There will be an increase in your income and an additional source of income too can be generated. Favorable placement of Jupiter will help you receive monetary benefits this year. Take all precautions before new investments this year. You can also purchase a new house/commercial property. You can also inherit some ancestral property.


This year your area of influence would grow wider. You could be elevated in your job. You could be given a new responsibility or promotion leading to rise in your status. You will move ahead on the path of progress with full focus towards your aim. Your seniors and bosses will be pleased with your work and you will come up to the expectations of one and all.


This year overall health would be perfect. This year, as you will put in lot of efforts in your work, your health might get affected a bit. You need to keep yourself busy in Yoga, meditation, gym or exercise. It will help your mind, body and soul feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Your health will also remain fine.


Moon is the lord of your rasi. You are emotional and sensitive. Thus only when you are in most negative mood with regard to your emotions only then problems would arise. Wearing pearl, yellow Sapphire and Red Coral would be beneficial. Worship lord Shiva to get good results and peace of mind.


Be wise and level headed. Take advantage of the good times you are having. The star of luck is shining in your favor.


Don’t give loan to anyone in your work. Otherwise, you will have to run from pilar to post to get the money back. Don’t trust others easily in money matters.